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I love StylistPop!

StylistPop lets me focus on what I love to do. I never have to worry about appointment reminders ever again! : -)

-Kali M.

It keeps your entire schedule on one page.

Struggling to keep track of your schedule? Frustrated by forgetting appointments?
Here's why StylistPop is the right fit for your business.

Easily keep track of all your appointments


Fast, friendly, and flexible. You will love this calendar. It's like having your own time machine. With a single click you can easily create appointments and with our drag and drop interface it's never been easier.

See every appointment in a simple day, week, or month view. No more clutter, no more distractions. By far the most beautiful & simple to use calendar solution available.

Say goodbye to reminder headaches.

StylistPop automatically sends out appointment reminders and more.


Learn to txt.

OMG! The number of texts sent and received every day exceeds the number of people on the Earth. Finally you can take advantage of text message marketing to take your business to the next level turn your clients from customers to BFFs.

Build Relationships

Don't sweat the small stuff. You've probably forgotten to send a follow up thank you to your client or completely spaced sending them a happy birthday text, well stop pulling out your racoon extensions and stop worrying. StylistPop automates those messages so that you can focus on what you are great at.

Always know how you're doing.

Detailed reports and tracking help you keep a finger on your business.

Access your numbers anytime anywhere


Forget about the stress of backing up your data or freaking out when you lose it when a stylist spills color on your laptop. We keep your data secured in the cloud using the same high level security standards your bank uses. Access your data securely from anywhere in the world.

Automatic Online back up. Never again worry about losing all of your data cause you spilled your latte on your laptop. Your data is backed up in real time, your data is safe with us.

Save time and let your clients book for themselves

StylistPop automatically sends out appointment reminders and more.


Your own online booking page.

StylistPop puts your calendar where your clients are, the web. Use our always on 24/7 booking forms on any website or social network for a simple and easy to use booking system.

Get found, get booked

Thousands of people are coming to stylistpop.com every single day to find a qualified professional. It's time for you to create your listing.

Manage relationships, not clients

Build deeper relationships with your customers, and make more money.

All of your clients, notes, history, and details all in one place


Clients in the cloud - All of your clients information will be safely and securely stored in the cloud, this means that you're no longer tied to that old desktop. Easily navigate your clients profiles from your mobile device, a table, or a desktop

Don't remember how much developer you used last appointment, it's OK, you don't have to any more. With StylistPop's note features, everything that you enter automatically syncs to the cloud. You never have to search through your old notebook, or hope for the best ever again.

In addition to appointment notes, StylistPop allows you to take every day reminders and tie them to specific clients. Everything you need to know about your clients, at your fingertips.

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